Illuminascii – Alpha Download


Poppy the Austere Hobbit Security Guard‘ fought bravely, dispatching (among others) a professional dinosaur, a Demented Pool Cue and a Ruinous Mother-In-Law before falling foul to a Deformed Bishop on level 6. Rest in piece Poppy, you faught well!  No this isn’t the start of a mental break down, it’s just a normal play-through of the wonderfully bizarre ASCII-styled procedurally generated FPS Roguelike … Read More



Illuminascii is a great new FPS with a wonderful ascii text based visual style that features randomly generated content and roguelike elements.  It’s a very silly game, great fun to play, and like any good roguelike, you never know what’s going to happen next.  It’s probably best to explain what happened during my first game:

My randomly generated character, ‘Killroy the Gaunt Vegetable Wizard’, was … Read More