Super CLASH Bros (Mario V Sonic: Dawn of Clash Bros) – Prototype

Super CLASH Bros (a.k.a. Mario V Sonic: Dawn of Clash Bros) is an awesome new Smash Bros style multiplayer platform brawler in which all the characters keep all their skills, control-style health bars and power-ups from their original games – so Mario can ride Yoshi, Megaman has a puny little jump and Sonic uses rings as health.

Super CLASH Bros is built to answer … Read More

Quidget the Wonderwiener – Game Jam Build Download

Quidget the Wonderwiener, a wacky point and click adventure game made for the Indie Game Maker Contest 2017, has you playing a mad scientist evil mastermind dog, trying to deliver a gift to a friend using his own inventions!

You have forgotten to give your wonderful gift to your best friend. In an attempt to reconcile this error on your part, you have decided … Read More