About Time – Alpha Demo

About Time offers an interesting fusion of first person run n’ gun combat, crafting, platforming and exploration as you take on the role of an experimental physicist who has found himself frozen in time.

Drawing inspiration from The Langoliers, Serious Sam and Rick and Morty, About Time sees you trapped in a frozen time bubble and attempting to repair your Temporal Reactor so … Read More

Deceiver – Beta Demo Sign Up

Deceiver is a very stylish ‘Philosophical Shooter’ that sees you fighting and stealing resources within in a TRON-inspired cyberworld, as you attempt to scrape enough cash together to escape the planet before a cataclysmic event.

Based on a 2014 game jam prototype, Deceiver blends first person parkour, terminal hacking and third person three dimensional combat using spider drone that can stick to any … Read More

Virus N – Game Jam Build Download

Virus N is an incredibly gross little game in which you attempt to spread a contagion as fast as possible before its carriers die horribly!

In Virus N you control the hosts of a particularly nasty disease and must keep passing it on to new hosts before your current one dies. The disease mutates throughout its lifetime creating different effects in the host – causing … Read More

Scorch – Beta Download

Scorch is a clever little first person narrative adventure in which you play a detective who must gather information at a murder scene and then deduce who did it, how they did it and what their motives were.

In Scorch you play a detective who’s on his final warning for his irresponsible behaviour and alcoholism. You may be able to earn some goodwill though if … Read More