Locked Up – Alpha Demo

Locked Up is a creepy P.T.-esque first person psychological horror game set in a house full of bad memories.

In Locked Up you find yourself in a house where some terrible events have previously occurred. The game doesn’t feature the same looping corridor gameplay of P.T., but there are definitely some similarities, with the gameplay involving you walking between rooms to trigger points … Read More

Arcane Showdown – Beta Download

Arcane Showdown is a fast paced Clash Royale-esque lane-based deck building RTS game where you use minions and spells to try and overwhelm your opponent in 1v1 multiplayer matches.

In each match of Arcane Showdown your aim is to overwhelm your opponent and destroy their base. You do this by using mana to use spells and place minions on the battlefront, where they automatically … Read More

Road to Nowhere – Alpha Demo

Road to Nowhere features a very unique fusion of synthwave, neon noir, FMV and point and click adventure gameplay as it follows an introverted software developer whose life is torn apart by a scandal.

In Road to Nowhere you follow the story of Cohle Bishop, an introverted software designer who starts to doubt his own sanity as accusations from his Ex plunge him into a … Read More

SAMHAIN – Alpha Demo

SAMHAIN is a darkly humorous retro styled survival horror adventure which sees you searching for your father in a mansion full of secrets, weird characters and brutal ways to die!

In SAMHAIN you find yourself sat in a parked car outside a mysterious mansion after your father went in there in search of your mother (who has been missing for years). Tired of waiting and … Read More