Mind Over Matter – Student Game Download

Mind Over Matter is a lighthearted 2D pixel art puzzle adventure where you switch between three different states as you attempt to escape from a research guarded facility.

Created by students of the DigiPen Institute of Technology, Mind Over Matter allows you to switch between a fleshy human form, a slimy blue liquid form and a gaseous form as you try to escape the research … Read More

Ringers – Game Jam Build Download

Ringers is a tense and atmospheric near-future first person horror game where experimental neural networks have some severe side-effects.

Taking place in the year 2030, in Ringers you take on the role of a specialist who lives off-grid. You’ve just been contacted by one of your contacts about a job, but he’s tight-lipped about the details and will meet you at a remote cabin to … Read More

Negative Nancy – Beta Demo

Negative Nancy is a hilariously silly branching narrative adventure where you step into the shoes of a retail clerk called Nancy, who can only say one word – NO.

In Negative Nancy the titular character has taken control of her life and decided to say “no” more often. A lot more often in-fact, as it’s the only word that she can say. You may think … Read More

Red Ronin – Beta Demo

Red Ronin is a fast paced tactical turn based dash ‘n slash puzzle game where you control a ronin as they slice their way through levels filled with sword-wielding baddies.

In Red Ronin you step into the shoes of Red, a bloodthirsty ronin who seeks vengeance after she lost a loved one to a nefarious organisation called The Wind. You must now dash and slice … Read More