Title_Pending – Alpha Demo

Title_Pending is a fun and eerie Stanley Parable inspired 4th wall breaking adventure where a playtest for a new game gets seriously weird.

In Title_Pending you take on the role of a playtester who has been hired to find any bugs in an upcoming (still to be titled) game. You’re guided through the experience by the developer, Matthew Stanton, who tells you where to go … Read More

System Shock Remake – Beta Demo

A new demo for the upcoming System Shock remake has been released, with around an hour’s worth of gameplay as you fight mutants and robots aboard a space station that’s been taken over by a self-aware AI.

Previously featured on Alpha Beta Gamer a year ago, the System Shock remake is a from the ground-up remake of the 1994 classic cyberpunk horror adventure that … Read More

Coven – Alpha Download

Coven is an incredibly brutal old school run ‘n gun FPS where a bullet-time witch goes on a bloody rampage after being burned at the stake by villagers.

Drawing inspiration from 90’s classics like Quake, DOOM and Hexen, Coven is a retro FPS/slasher set in the 1600’s. In the game you take control of a woman who has been magically resurrected after being … Read More