The Last Island – Alpha Demo

The Last Island is a fast and fun top-down arcade shooter that sees you blasting your way through an island filled with zombies and mutated monsters.

After the outbreak of a zombie virus on a large populated island, you and your team have been sent in to deal with the problem. You’re vastly outnumbered, but not outgunned – you’re able to collect and use a … Read More

Attack from Outer Space – Tech Demo

Attack from Outer Space is a short and stylish B-movie giant alien robot simulator where you walk down a miniature movie set high street causing carnage with your laser beam eyes.

Created as a little real-time Ray Tracing tech demo by Christian Hecht, Attack from Outer Space is a fun little game where you control a large Iron Giant-esque robot as it clomps down … Read More

Descent – Student Game

Descent is a short, stylish and challenging platformer where you use flares to light your way and burn monsters as you descend down a big dark hole.

In Descent you take control of a young girl who must venture down into a big dark cavern to escape from the bitter cold outside. In each stage of the cave you have to grab a butterfly and … Read More