In The Snowy Winter’s Wake – Beta Demo

In The Snowy Winter’s Wake is a cleverly implemented first person text adventure in which you ‘view’ the game world by moving your mouse, as you would in a first person shooter, with the descriptions of what you’re seeing changing dependent on what you’re facing.

In The Snowy Winter’s Wake is being created by the developer behind The Spicy Meatball Saves The Day and uses … Read More

Hide and Go Boom – Steam Early Access Key Giveaway

Hide and Go Boom is essentially Bomberman in first person, allowing players to blow up crates, collect power-ups and blast opponents in fast paced multiplayer battles.

Hide and Go Boom allows players to enjoy the classic Bomberman gameplay from a whole new perspective as players attempt to blow up each other in first person arena battles. Aside from the switch to a first person viewpoint, … Read More

Vivid! – Beta Demo

Vivid! Is a cheerful and charming puzzle action platformer in which your skills change depending on what colored blocks you interact with.

Vivid! plays a little like Kirby, but instead of swallowing enemies to change your skillset you jump on top of differently colored blocks and balloons. There are three different colors you can swap to (Red, Yellow and Blue), with each one allowing … Read More