Stars in the Trash – Alpha Demo

Stars in the Trash is a charming and beautifully animated puzzle platforming adventure where a spoiled little house-cat seeks adventure in the outside world.

In Stars in the Trash you follow the adventure of Moka – a bored house-cat who decides to run away from home and explore the outside world. The demo sees you making Several attempts to escape the house, often to be … Read More

Garuda Emblem – Beta Demo

Garuda Emblem is a beautifully animated free-roaming beat ’em up adventure where a new university student finds the campus invaded by gangsters.

In Garuda Emblem you are starting your first day at the University of Rungeon. However, not long after you walk through the entrance gates a mob of gangsters start trashing the place in search of a mysterious USB drive. It’s up to you … Read More

Corebreaker – Alpha Demo

Corebreaker is a very fast paced roguelike action platformer where you blast your way down though the depths of a facility filled with deadly robots.

Drawing inspiration from Mega Man and Binding of Isaac-esque game design, Corebreaker is a fast, fun and addictive roguelike action platformer. In the game you descend down through a series of interconnected closed room battles where you blast robots, … Read More

The Multi-Medium – Beta Demo

The Multi-Medium is a beautiful 2D puzzle platforming adventure where you travel through the multiverse to very different worlds that have very different art styles.

in Multi-Medium you step into the shoes of an interdimensional explorer who’s been sent on a mission to explore a parallel universe. However, when you attempt to return to your own universe something goes wrong. You end up lost in … Read More