St Peter’s Judge-O-Rama – Game Jam Build Download

st peters judge o rama

St Peter’s Judge-O-Rama is a fast paced, addictive game, made for God Jam It!, that puts you in the shoes the saintly gate keeper himself, deciding who’s allowed in through the pearly gates and who is cast into eternal damnation.

God has trusted you to filter out the people that must go to hell from all of the people who have died and are trying … Read More

The Universim – Prototype Download


The Universim is a gorgeous new god sim that allows you to guide your civilisation from the stone age to the space age, exploring and conquering a multitude of vibrant, living procedurally generated planetoids across it’s massive Universe.

The Prototype is very early in development, so doesn’t give you access to any of the gameplay elements, but does allow you to explore one of it’s … Read More

Proto Raider – Beta Download

proto raider

Proto Raider is a wonderful retro platformer (a VERY retro platformer) with an ASCII visual style, where every level is a tricky one-screen mini-quest for you to conquer.

As your character constantly walks forward, you control him with just one button – the spacebar – allowing you to do surprisingly diverse amount of actions – including jumping, swimming, surfing, flying in tornadoes and fighting monsters.  … Read More

Playtime Stories – Student Project Download

playtime stories

Playtime Stories is a charming and vibrant playground romp full of child-like imagination that sees you carrying out objectives and battling other students, hall monitors and bosses to become king of the playground.

Created by game development students from the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, Playtime Stories, is a joy to play, offering playful playground battles that feel just like the sort of thing you’d … Read More

Essay Writer Extreme – Game Jam Build

essay writer extreme

Essay Writer Extreme is a fun type-what-you-see game with some charming pixel art animation and a super catchy themetune.

Created for the Unfinished Games Week 2015, gameplay in Essay Writer Extreme is simple – simply type the letters as they descend down the screen. Miss letters and you’ll lose a life, get enough right and the game will level-up, reward you with a new dancing … Read More