No Pineapple Left Behind – Alpha Download

No pineapple left behind alpha

No Pineapple Left Behind is an odd school management game in which an evil wizard has cast a spell that turns students into pineapples.   You can teach them well and turn them back into students or try to stick with pineapples – pineapples are never going to be straight ‘A’ students, but students are expensive!

Poking fun at America’s 2002 No Child Left Behind ActRead More

Chickendemic – Game Jam Build Download

chickendemic 2

Chickendemic, a game made for the Indies vs Gamers Jam, has you piloting a chopper and saving humanity from an invasion of evil killer chickens!

The world is full of poverty and large demands on food. Local farmers, in order to please the CFC fast food chain’s demand for chicken, have started using means of evil to produce more product. Due to this use … Read More

Codename CURE – Beta Download (Steam)

codename cure

Codename CURE is a fun fast paced co-op zombie shooter in a Similar vein as CoD: Zombies or Left 4 Dead, in which you play a squad of special military operatives on objective-based missions to infiltrate and blow up zombie infection epicentres.

Although the graphics work well enough, Codename CURE isn’t going to win any awards for it’s visuals.  The main draw is the … Read More

Langley – Game Jam Build


Langley, a short point and click made for the WAG challenge, is a touching and troubling game about a man captured for “the good of the United States.”

Its just an average day at work for Edward. There is a war going on, but it feels like a war has always gone on. There is some happiness in the day, it is your daughter’s … Read More