Vapor – Beta Download


Vapor is a virtual interpretation of Samsara, in which players will find themselves wandering through the cycle of reincarnation, through means of exploration and visual inference.

Seeking out the insignias that lead to new “worlds”, the game moves through phases in a dreamlike rendering of one’s life choices and what options and paths in life that were offered all along. It could be a … Read More

Scrap Garden – Alpha Demo

scrap garden

Scrap Garden is a charming puzzle platforming adventure in which you play a lone robot who awakes in a post-apocalyptic world where all the other robotic citizens are shut down and seized up after a dragon destroyed their only power source.

Your aim is to bring power (and life) back to this beautiful decaying world with the help of Canny, the only surviving solar powered … Read More

Now Playing – Game Jam Build Download

now playing 3

Now Playing is a wonderfully bizarre audio visual experience that sees you exploring a street full of procedurally generated bands playing procedurally generated music.

The street that you walk along is littered with small music clubs, each of which has a different procedurally generated band playing in it, each with their own style, moves and name.  As you can imagine there are some pretty weird … Read More

SUPERHOTline Miami – Prototype


SUPERHOTline Miami is (as you may guess) a blend of Hotline Miami’s violent top down insta-death action with SUPER HOT‘s time-only-moves-when-you-do gameplay mechanics.

It’s still VERY early in development and could do with a bit of graphical flair, but the basic gameplay is exactly as fun and engaging as you’d expect.  SUPERHOTline Miami’s slow-mo bullet time gives you a little bit of time to … Read More

Die Metal – Alpha Download

Die Metal

Die Metal is a stylish twin stick shooter/tower defense hybrid that sees you trying to fight off waves of enemies on a hostile alien world.

You control a lone ship who must defend a reactor.  You’re capable of short bursts of fire, good for taking out stragglers but not really an option for hordes.  You do, however, have the ability to place turrets in strategic … Read More