Starmancer – Kickstarter Demo

Starmancer is a fantastic looking new isometric space station sim that draws inspiration from Dwarf Fortress in which you take on the role of a human/AI hybrid that’s in charge of a damaged ark ship which contains some of the last living humans in the universe.

A cataclysmic disaster on Earth has forced humanity to initiate the Starmancer Initiative – sending what remains of the … Read More

Dream of Me – Alpha Demo

Dream of Me is an intriguing first person puzzle adventure set in an eerie, not quite real place, guided by a mysterious character and littered with constant reminders that the place you are in isn’t real.

In Dream of Me you take on the role of David, an aspiring photographer and borderline alcoholic who is having some issues in his personal and professional life. You … Read More

In The Snowy Winter’s Wake – Beta Demo

In The Snowy Winter’s Wake is a cleverly implemented first person text adventure in which you ‘view’ the game world by moving your mouse, as you would in a first person shooter, with the descriptions of what you’re seeing changing dependent on what you’re facing.

In The Snowy Winter’s Wake is being created by the developer behind The Spicy Meatball Saves The Day and uses … Read More