Close the Windows, Lock the Doors – Game Jam Build

Close the Windows, Lock the Doors is a fun little fast paced murder ‘em up where you control a slavic evil spirit that must slay and consume all the humans on an idyllic little island.

In Close the Windows, Lock the Doors you take control of CHORT, an evil spirit with an insatiable hunger for fresh blood. To sate this hunger you must slay … Read More

Backspace Bouken – Beta Demo

Backspace Bouken is an inventive retro first person dungeon crawler that tests your typing skills as you battle enemies and solve puzzles with words instead of swords.

Previously featured on Alpha Beta Gamer when it was in Alpha, Backspace Bouken is a retro styled Eye of the Beholder-esque dungeon crawler where the keyboard is mightier than the sword. The previous version that we … Read More

Snake Vs Invaders – Game Jam Build

Snake Vs Invaders is a fun little arcade game that blends elements of Snake, Space Invaders, Arkanoid and SuperHot as you use your snake attempt to defend your colony from an alien invasion.

It’s surprising how many different gameplay elements are in Snake Vs Invaders, considering it was created for the latest Js13kGames game jam, which requires the file size of the entire game … Read More

Exit Mask – Alpha Demo

Exit Mask is a stylish and unsettling first person horror game where the biggest threat is yourself as you delve into a surreal black and white world inspired by obsessive thought patterns and compulsions.

In Exit Mask you find yourself exploring large surreal black and white levels, filled with macabre imagery that represents intrusive thoughts and the uglier side within us all. There are large … Read More

FLOOD: The Crystal Ninja – Game Jam Build

FLOOD: The Crystal Ninja is a rage inducingly tough precision platformer where you race through a looping chamber while collecting crystals and being chased by an avalanche.

In FLOOD: The Crystal Ninja you control a tiny little Crystal Ninja who can walk left or right and shoot a grappling hook straight up. Your controls are fairly limited, but your ninja is pretty nimble – which … Read More