Ricochet – Game Jam Build

Ricochet is a stylish little game where you direct ricochets to take out an entire army of bad guys with just one bullet.

In Ricochet you have a single bullet to take out dozens of bad guys, eliminate your target and save a hostage. To make matters worse the target is deep within a large building, but thankfully your bullet doesn’t obey the normal rules … Read More “Ricochet – Game Jam Build”

Moncage – Alpha Demo

Moncage is an incredible perspective based puzzler where you attempt to align 3D scenes viewed on the side of a puzzle box so that they can interact with each other.

In Moncage you explore an abandoned factory on a mysterious island via the various sides of a cubic puzzle box. Each side of the puzzle box depicts a different scene from the island but you … Read More “Moncage – Alpha Demo”

A Falling Day – Student Project Game

A Falling Day is a powerful, personal and surprising narrative-driven experience about a father, a son and a tragic event.

It’s hard to say too much about A Falling Day without ruining the experience, but it’s very much a tale of two halves, with the first part playing like a visual novel and the second part allowing you to roam around in first person. It … Read More “A Falling Day – Student Project Game”


INTERSTELLAR PRIME is a very ambitious Sci-Fi RPG, that blends simulation, 3rd person exploration, RTS elements and starship piloting as you attempt to make your way across the galaxy.

You start INTERSTELLAR PRIME in our Solar system, with the Earth no longer accessible due to all the debris from failed space ventures in orbit around it. You take on the role of a young starship … Read More “INTERSTELLAR PRIME – Kickstarter Demo”