Little Goody Two Shoes – Beta Demo

Little Goody Two Shoes is a beautifully animated spooky adventure about a young woman who dreams of becoming filthy rich in a hand-painted fairytale world.

In Little Goody Two Shoes you will follow the adventure of Elise, a rather abrasive young woman who lives on the outskirts of a charming fairytale village. She dreams of becoming rich and it seems that a pair of bewitched … Read More

The Holy Gosh Darn – Beta Demo

The Holy Gosh Darn is a hilarious and wonderfully absurd narrative-driven time-travelling puzzle adventure where you help Death save Heaven from annihilation.

In The Holy Gosh Darn you are a low ranking angel called Cassiel who is enlisted by Death to try and fix one of his screw-ups that will cause the total destruction of Heaven. You only have six hours to do this (which … Read More

Death of a Wish – Beta Demo

Death of a Wish is a very stylish and brutal hand-drawn action RPG where a kid who has grown up in a cult attempts to escape indoctrination.

A sequel to Lucah: Born of a Dream, Death of a Wish is a dark and twisted action RPG where you’re attempting to escape from the clutches of the cult you were brought up in. To do … Read More

Darkest Abyss – Beta Demo

Darkest Abyss is a Castlevania inspired retro action platforming adventure where a half-vampire that’s turning into a zombie sets out to find a cure for her curse.

In Darkest Abyss you follow the adventure of Countess Lucy, a half-vampire demon who’s curse is entering its final stage – zombification. She sets out in search of the ancient evil behind her curse in order to break … Read More

Japanese Drift Master – Beta Demo

Japanese Drift Master is an Initial D inspired open world drift racing game where you burn rubber around the beautiful roads of Japan.

The core gameplay in Japanese Drift Master is like a drift-focused take on Forza Horizon. You can drive around the scenic roads of Japan in drift-happy cars then visit different points of interests to race, take part in events or customize … Read More