Pieces Between Us – Game Jam Build

Pieces Between Us is a charming little narrative driven first person puzzle adventure in which you try to get the right perspectives of artwork in a gallery while also gaining the right perspective on a disagreement between two elementary school friends.

Billy and Timmy are two elementary school students who are best friends and do everything together. But one day Timmy says he can’t be … Read More

Lore Finder – Kickstarter Demo

Lore Finder is a stylish retro 2D cosmic horror action platformer metroidvania in which you search a monster infested mansion for your missing father, with only your wits, a revolver and some scrolls of forbidden lore to help you.

Currently in development by Kitsune Games (creators of Midboss), in Lore Finder you take control of K.C. Morgan, a paranormal investigator who is searching an … Read More

Here, There Be Monsters – Student Project Game

Here, There Be Monsters is a Lovecraftian seafaring action adventure game where you go in search of a massive tentacled monster that has laid claim to the world.

In Here, There Be Monsters you captain a mysterious ship with tattered sails and broadside cannons as it searches the world for a huge Lovecraftian monster to slay. Your ship is hardly the most nimble of vessels … Read More

Soul Side – Game Jam Build

Soul Side is an incredibly tough puzzle platformer where you can’t control your character’s movement, all you can control are their abilities.

In Soul Side your character continually walks in whatever direction they’re facing until they hit an obstruction and turn around (or hit a hazard and die). You can’t control their movement, but you can control their abilities to help you get through each … Read More

Resuffer: Down The Rabbit Hole – Beta Download

Resuffer: Down The Rabbit Hole is a rage-inducingly tough top-down arcade game where you attempt to navigate mazes without touching the sides while every turn you take makes you speed up!

In Resuffer: Down The Rabbit Hole you control a disembodied rabbit head who hares around mazes at ridiculous speeds. Your aim in each level is to reach the exit, but you can only enter … Read More