The Salt Order – Game Jam Build Download

The Salt Order is a very tense PS1 styled horror game where you lay lines of salt to temporarily protect you from tree monsters that have invaded your world.

Created for the Two Minute Horror Game, in The Salt Order you set out to close a breach between your world and an evil place called the Roots. The breach is locked away inside an old … Read More

GEESE vs CTHULHU – Beta Demo

GEESE vs CTHULHU is a wonderfully weird and surprising arcade action game where a three-headed magical goose makes a stand against the mighty Cthulhu.

Currently in development by Anatoliy Loginovskikh, creator of Mushroom Cats and Mister Burnhouse, GEESE vs CTHULHU is a delightfully silly and beautifully animated arcade dodge ‘em up adventure about magical geese and Cthulhu. 1000 years ago the Goose Brotherhood defeated the … Read More

Sunset Surf: A Lifeguard Adventure – Alpha Demo

Sunset Surf: A Lifeguard Adventure is a charming narrative-driven open world adventure where you spend a summer making friends, becoming a lifeguard and enjoying life in an 80s seaside town.

In Sunset Surf: A Lifeguard Adventure you take on the role of a young woman who has gone to stay with her grandpa for the summer in an idyllic seaside town. Your grandpa was a … Read More

Frontier Diver – Game Jam Build Download

Frontier Diver is a creepy little PS1 styled subsea horror game where you pilot a high-tech submersible down to the depths in search of new forms of life.

Created for the Haunted PS1 Wretched Weekend game jam by Modus Interactive (creator of Iketsuki, Groaning Steel and the Siren Head game), in Frontier Diver you pilot a submersible and explore the ruins of an ancient … Read More