Sisyphus – Beta Download

Sisyphus is a challenging and thought provoking game where you roll your head and work your way through stages of grief as you try to move on from the death of a girl you went on a date with a few times.

Most stories of loss are about a loved one, such as a family member, a partner or even a pet, but Sisyphus weaves … Read More

Sand to Surf – Alpha Download

Sand to Surf contains a novel mix of extreme sports and adventure gameplay as you surf through the golden sands of a mysterious magical world that’s been corrupted by a blight.

In Sand to Surf you take on the role of a lone sand-surfer who has been tasked with ridding the land of a vicious blight that’s infected it. On your adventure you’ll explore the … Read More

Urskog – Prototype Download

Urskog is a beautiful and wonderfully chilled out first person adventure where you place objects, discover secrets and solve puzzles in a tranquil forest.

In Urskog you find yourself in a mysterious forest that surrounds a giant (Deku-esque) tree. To climb your way to the top of the tree you’ll have to activate four glowing orbs, and to find the orbs you need to do … Read More

Mind Over Matter – Student Game Download

Mind Over Matter is a lighthearted 2D pixel art puzzle adventure where you switch between three different states as you attempt to escape from a research guarded facility.

Created by students of the DigiPen Institute of Technology, Mind Over Matter allows you to switch between a fleshy human form, a slimy blue liquid form and a gaseous form as you try to escape the research … Read More