GoVenture World – Alpha Sign Up

GoVenture World

GoVenture World is a an intriguing new massively multiplayer online business simulation game in which you create and manage your own virtual business in an augmented reality experience that’s woven around your life.

Playable on PC and mobile devices, GoVenture World promises to be ‘the most authentic virtual business experience ever created’.  Quite how it will manage this while still remaining fun to play, we’re … Read More

The Stowaway – Game Jam Build

the stowaway

The Stowaway is a short greyscale recreation of the first Alien movie, putting you in control of the alien as it stalks the crew one by one, growing larger, faster and stronger with each brutal kill.

It’s a super stylish and brutal stealth game, with you sneaking up and mauling the crew to death one by one.  You’re not strong enough to take a full … Read More

Monstre De Coiffure – Game Jam Build

Monstre De Coiffure

Monstre De Coiffure is a very silly monster makeover game in which you give haircuts and apply make-up to a procession of grotesque monsters.

Your unenviable task is to make each monster look like the mannequin on the right hand side of the screen.  To you this you can give it different haircuts and apply hair dye, make-up, mascara and lipstick.  You can’t waste any … Read More

StarBreak – Open Beta

StarBreak game

StarBreak is a great new Castlevania-inspired roguelike action platforming MMO, in which dozens of players can team up and battle diverse enemies and bosses across procedurally generated game worlds.

Currently in Beta with new updates every week, StarBreak impresses with it’s luscious visuals, engaging combat and huge selection lot loot.  Players team up and take on missions via the central hub.  These missions feature … Read More

Everyday Misanthrope – Game Jam Build Download

Everyday Misanthrope

Everyday Misanthrope is a wonderfully wicked choose-your-own-misery simulation in which you aim to spread as much misery and ruin as many lives in a day as possible!

Taking the form of a choose your own adventure, you are given a choice of misery inducing actions throughout the day and then you watch with glee as they play out.  You must be strategic with your actions … Read More