Code 7 – Student Project Download


Text adventures are wonderful when done well, but their very nature makes them feel a little archaic at times.  Not so with Code 7, this is a true evolution of the text adventure, with intelligent use of the interface, excellent voice acting and a surprisingly dark storyline.

Originally created as a project by students at Cologne Game Lab, it combines the text based interface … Read More

The Ancients (GOATA) – Game Jam Build Download


The Ancients is a hybrid title that shows team-based combat in a different light, pitting players against each other in a race to get to the other side and wipe out the competition.

Speaking of competition, players are goats, vying for their god’s favor through combat. There are turrets set up on each side of the field, and an endless spawning of minions that conga … Read More

Dystopixelia – Beta Download

dystopixelia game

Dystopixelia is an atmospheric and humorous pixel art horror adventure set in an unsettling dystopian future, that sees you trying to survive a virus outbreak which you inadvertently caused.

You play employee ID 22 of LIFE inc., a simple cubicle worker, who one day is tasked with a job of upmost importance.  Unfortunately you fail at this and unleash an mutating virus on the population … Read More

Winning Streak – Game Jam Build Download

winning streak

Winning Streak is a silly streaking game, originally created for the “Indies VS PewDiePie” game jam, where your goal is to run, dance, jiggle and avoid oncoming tackles for as long as possible to rack up as high a score as possible for your streaking antics.

While you may believe it’s your god given right to wiggle your naughty bits in the middle of a … Read More