Space Docking Game – Game Jam Build

Space Docking Game

Remember the balletic space docking sequences from 2001: A Space Odyssey?  Well Space Docking Game allows you to recreate them (sort of), and it’s FAR trickier than it looks.

The goal of each level in Space Docking Game is (as you may expect) to safely dock your small cubic spacecraft in a small space station dock.  Things start off relatively easily, but the difficulty … Read More

Prisma – Alpha Demo


Prisma is a fast paced 2.5D side-scrolling adventure platformer that gives you a unique ability that lets you swap between four different dimensions, including your own.

You play Ray, a young girl who finds herself in the strange world of Aura, and meets a being called Fractal who allows her to switch between dimensions.  These dimensions are based on colors, and each one of them … Read More

Ravenous, Ravenous Ravens – Game Jam Build

ravenous ravenous ravens

Ravenous, Ravenous Ravens is a bizarre blend of pinball and ragdoll physics, in which you must attempt to hurl balls at the red and white bumpers for points, eggs and variety of retro arcade themed trinkets.

There are a variety of tactics you can use to hit the bumpers, from carefully rolling balls up the side walls to hurling yourself wildly around the screen.  Hitting … Read More

When Pigs Fly – Alpha Download

When Pigs Fly

When Pigs Fly is a fun physics-based flying game in which you repurpose farm equipment in an attempt to make a pig fly.

When loading up When Pigs Fly you’ll have access to a well crafted little plane that really can make a pig fly.  However once you start trying to build your own, you’ll find out just how tough (and fun) it really is … Read More

SPECTRALIZER – Game Jam Build Download


SPECTRALIZER is a fun endless arcade game which you jump up and down on a neon trampoline of death, avoiding the many random hazards and trying to cling on to life for as long as possible.

To survive in SPECTRALIZER you have to jump up and down on a small platform, whilst attempting to avoid the various deadly hazards the game throws at you.  These … Read More