Carried Away – Game Jam Build Download

Carried Away

Carried Away, a relaxing puzzler made for the One Game a Month, has you figuring out how to get across floating islands that really float.

Groups of floating islands are drifting out across the sky. Some of them tilt in place, whereas others are connected with ropes (which you can throw). Islands that have ropes coming off of them connecting them to other islands … Read More

Biotech – Game Jam Build Download


Biotech, a fast paced Hotline Miami-esque top down shooter made for the GJ GDC Jam, has you investigating a mysterious kidnapping at its source.

A women has brought you a picture of her daughter, who has been kidnapped. You looked at the photo and realized it fit the profile of a kidnapper you knew. Now, you must search through the sewers, killing bad … Read More

BARB – Game Jam Build Download


BARB is short and stylish low poly game in which you control Barbara as she carries out her normal daily rituals….

The rest of this article WILL CONTAIN SPOILERS, so we’d really recommend playing the game before proceeding.  Still here?  Ok then!  Starting your day by swiping the alarm clock to shut it up, you promptly get up and start your morning routine.  You do … Read More

Puzzle Depot – Alpha Demo

Puzzle Depot

Puzzle Depot, a game being created by Laughing Manatee Games, is a wonderful and inventive box pushing, bug squashing puzzle adventures with charming pixel art visuals and a surprisingly epic storyline.

In Puzzle Depot you play as a new employee to a ‘special’ science laboratory. Your job in question? Pushing and moving boxes for the other people to lazy to do so of course … Read More

Pulsr – Game Jam Build Download

pulsar game

Pulsr, a fast paced shooter made for the January 2016 Lisp Game Jam, has you shooting shapes in a bite-sized minimalist Geometry Wars-esque bullet hell

You control the main ship which is trapped in a big box on the screen. You must move around this box shooting all of the enemies that spawn in. Some enemies that appear are able to shoot you, … Read More