Jazon and the Dead – Pre-Alpha Download


Jazon and the Dead is a very impressive top down action adventure that blends stylish visuals, witty dialogue, inventive puzzles and blood soaked zombie blasting fun.

We first covered Jazon and the Dead last month during the Alpha Sign Up phase, but now the fun is open to all, with the Pre-Alpha build just released to coincide with the Fig crowdfunding campaign. The Pre-Alpha build … Read More

Sonic Utopia – Prototype Download


Sonic Utopia is a fabulous fan made 3D sonic game that allows for fast paced and flowing gameplay and an enormous amount of different routes to take across its vast landscapes.

While Mario’s transition from 2D to 3D was a smooth experience, transferring Sonics high speed action platforming gameplay to the third dimension has never really hit the mark. Thankfully though the combined efforts of … Read More

Pictopix – Beta Demo


Pictopix is a very slick and easily accessible puzzler that brings the addictive Nonograms-style pixel art puzzling of the Picross games to the PC.

Anyone who’s sampled the delights of the Picross games on the Nintendo consoles or played Nonograms-style puzzlers before will feel very much at home with Pictopix. Basically it’s a fun blend of of Sudoku, pixel art and Minesweeper, … Read More

Passpartout – Alpha Download


Passpartout is a charming game in which you play a struggling French artist who attempts to please the critics and satisfy your customers needs without losing your artistic integrity.

In Passpartout you control an artist in a small art gallery who paints pictures then places them up on display for critics to critique and customers to purchase. You create these works of art yourself using … Read More