Shattered Worlds – Prototype Download


Shattered Worlds is an impressive Sci-Fi blend of collectible card gaming and Hex-based strategy that pits two players against each other in tense and tactical space battles.

Each team must protect their Aestril Airship (basically your King), whilst attempting to destroy their opponents one.  You play the cards that you’re dealt to use buffs or spawn ships around your Aestril Airship and send them into battle.

There … Read More

Electric Moon – Game Jam Build

electric moon

Electric Moon, a puzzling platformer made for the Less Than 5 Minutes of Play Jam, has you running from an evil robot moon.

In this challenging game, you play a robot who needs to destroy the electric moon. This moon floats around you, looking to charge at you and destroy you (Imagine the sun from Super Mario Brothers 2, but instead a strange, robo-moon … Read More

WrestleQuest – Game Jam Build


WrestleQuest is a fun five minute point and click adventure in which you must help ‘Mad Meteor’ Mike to become the best wrestler in the world.

Mike isn’t a very good wrestler, but thanks to an admin error, he’s been invited to Wrestledeath XL 1986, so must learn how to become the greatest wrestler in the world, fast!  To do this, you must solve puzzles … Read More

Trubadurr – Student Project Download

trubadurr game

Trubadurr is a very impressive and highly polished puzzle action platformer in which your ammo is live (literally) – you fire little imps that cling to you.

Lasting around 15 minutes, you set out on your quest to find an ancient relic in a deadly tower, full of monsters and traps.  Luckily you’re equipped with a bow and have a near-endless supply of ammo, thanks … Read More

Legends of Pixelia – Early Access Key Giveaway (Steam)

legends of pixelia

Legends of Pixelia is an awesome retro roguelike-like RPG that we first covered back in February, reminiscent of The Binding of Isaac but with more strategic combat, multiplayer and persistent upgrades.

This is no brainless hack and slash dungeon crawler.   Enemies are tough, and as in Dark Souls – even the smallest minion can kill you if you take your eye off the ball.  … Read More