Jenny LeClue – Alpha Demo

Jenny LeClue

Jenny LeClue is a well crafted point and click puzzle adventure in a similar vein to the Professor Layton series, in which you play a brilliant young female detective in a book narrated by (and affected by) it’s author.

Jenny LeClue follows the story of Jenny as she tries to clear her mother of a bogus murder charge, soon uncovering a web of lies and … Read More

Art Games At SAIC: A Retrospective – Student Project Download

Art Games At SAIC A Retrospective

Art Games At SAIC: A Retrospective is an impressive virtual museum full of surreal, strange and beautiful artwork, virtual sculptures and interactive exhibits.

Created by students of the 2015 SAIC Art Game class, Art Games At SAIC: A Retrospective houses all the work they did over the semester in one interactive virtual environment.  As you explore the museum, you’re never sure what’s coming next, with … Read More

Aethyr – Alpha Demo


Challenging pixel art dungeon crawling abound in Aethyr, as you battle blobs, bats boney skeletons and big bosses across endless randomised dungeons.

The player begins in a small house with a random weapon and spell scroll, where they must equip their weapon and exit the house. The game is played in levels portrayed by dungeon rooms with a locked door to the next zone. … Read More

Prime Orbit – Student Project Download

prime orbit game

Prime Orbit is an impressive first-person sci-fi puzzle/platformer in which you use the power to rotate objects and platforms to aid your escape from a strange alien planet.

After crash-landing your ship on a deserted, technologically advanced alien planet, you and your wise-cracking droid must find a way to escape it.  Thankfully there is another ship that you can use, but unfortunately you’re not sure … Read More

Speak of the Cloud – Game Jam Build

speak of the cloud

Speak of the Cloud, a wonderfully animated point and click adventure, has you trying to save your stubborn grandfather who won’t leave his house.

An alien invasion has started in your area. Everyone is evacuating as soon as they can, but your stubborn, old, grandfather seems to think that the aliens are not a problem. He’d much rather sit in front of his TV … Read More