Eternal Hope – Alpha Download

Eternal Hope Dowload

Eternal Hope, being created by Double Hit, is an cleverly designed two-dimensional side-scrolling puzzle platformer that draws inspiration from Limbo, as you phase between realities and attempt to traverse a deadly land to find a loved one.

In Eternal Hope you must traverse the land of the dead to find your now dead beloved. In this land you have a special ability that … Read More

Strolling – Game Jam Build Download

Stroling download

Strolling is a fun little Edgar Allan Poe inspired point and click adventure that takes place as you and a friend walk down a street, with you piecing together what your friend is thinking based entirely on his reactions to the people and scenery you pass.

After you and your friend walk wordlessly down the a street, seemingly out of the blue you say to … Read More

Frost – Alpha Demo


Frost, a single player survival card game inspired by deck building board games, has you trying to survive the cold and find shelter.

This is your story, a person who has been running from the Frost for your whole life. You hope to get to the Refuge, a place that the Frost cannot go. Getting there is the hard part, as the Frost is … Read More

HYPREME – Prototype Download


HYPREME is a strange hyper-kinetic randomly generated dungeon crawling brawler in which you beat up enemies and chug a fictional energy drink, while listening to hardcore dance music and being subjected to OTT, energy drink-style marketing slogans.

Your aim in HYPREME is simple – just beat up enemies and bosses to reach the exit of the level. Some enemies will drop cash which you can … Read More