Final Fantasy VII Re-Imagined – Prototype Download

Final Fantasy VII Reimagined

Final Fantasy VII: Re-Imagined is a fantastic fan made project that re-imagines Square’s classic RPG as a side scrolling beat-em-up, complete with Materia, XP and summoning.

The current build features one full level, local co-op play, two playable characters (Cloud and Tifa) and one fire support character (Barret).  You can also summon your Guardian Forces, charging them up by beating up enemies, then unleashing them … Read More

Through The Woods – Alpha Demo

through the woods download

Through the Woods is a creepy psychological horror adventure set in Norway and influenced by Norse mythology, in which you find out just how far a mother would go to save her son.

Utilising dynamic storytelling techniques, you play a mother, re-counting the important events surrounding the disappearance of her son Fillip.  You follow a trail of reflectors that your son has left through the … Read More

Anomaly: Opening Night – Student Project Download

Anomaly opening night

Anomaly: Opening Night is a creepy third person action adventure that plays like a cross between Resident Evil and Ghostbusters.

You are part of a paranormal investigation team, and have entered a theatre full of possessed mannequins, a large unstoppable supernatural creature and lots of audio/visual trickery.  The mannequins can be stopped by shooting them, but they take a lot of punishment, and can … Read More

Fishing Planet – Beta Download (Steam)

Fishing Planet

Fishing Planet is a wonderfully realistic first person fishing simulator with online multiplayer, superb visuals, over 32 types of fish all with unique AI, online tournaments, duels and thousands of different tackle combinations.

Even in the Beta phase of development, Fishing Planet is easily the best fishing simulator ever made.  The attention to detail is very impressive, with players able to customise their loadout to … Read More

Rengoku – Game Jam Build Download


Rengoku, a fast paced action arcade game made for the Indies vs Gamers Jam, as you keeping your your inner light alive.

You are trapped inside a single screen cave, with many platforms. In the middle of the cave there is a light, burning bright and lighting up the cave. When you, or enemies, go near this light, it starts to fade out, making … Read More