roTópo – Alpha Demo


roTópo is a dizzying puzzler in which you help your constantly moving character to navigate increasingly complex 3D spaces – setting foot on every possible square once, and only once.

Starting off deceptively easily with you simply traversing 2D planes, things get a whole lot trickier once a 3rd dimension is brought into the mix. You’ll have to think fast and plan your route well … Read More

Max Capacitor – Game Jam Build Download

max capacitor

Max Capacitor, a challenging puzzle game made for the Train Jam, has you manoeuvring cylinders and connecting them across surprisingly deviously designed puzzles.

Max Capacitor will tell you that it is easy, but don’t let the pretty words and funky music distract you. This puzzler gets very challenging, very fast. In each level, you must move cylinders full of light to buttons to open … Read More

Just Another Sketch On The Wall – Game jam Build Download

just another sketch 2

Just Another Sketch On The Wall is a short and super stylish puzzle platformer in which you play a little graffiti doodle that must interact with other pieces of graffiti to clear the way around a building.

The fabulous, near photorealistic art style is what first grabs your attention when loading up Just Another Sketch On The Wall – it really does look like a … Read More

.EXE – Alpha Demo


.EXE is a challenging rogue-lite action platformer in which you play a rogue emoticon who’s attempting to escape deletion after a recent software upgrade rendered him obsolete.

You take Moji the emoticon on a perilous journey through the insides of your computer, with an aim of escaping via a floppy disk to freedom before you’re deleted. Your path is littered with obstacles, hazards, deadly enemies, … Read More

SUPER TRUCK – Special CLUSTERTRUCK Prototype Download


SUPER HOT + CLUSTERTRUCK = SUPER TRUCK – a fantastic special prototype that combines two of the coolest games of the year into one glorious fusion of awesome. A hardcore truck jumping platformer in which the trucks only move when you move.

For those unaware of CLUSTERTRUCK, it’s a wonderfully chaotic first person platformer in which you must jump around a herd of stampeding … Read More