Star Warper – Game Jam Build

Star Warper

Star Warper, a bullet hell shooter made for the Indies vs Gamers Jam, has you bending time and space to dodge bullets. In this game, you play as a ship that is fighting against games classic video game characters, such as Donkey Kong and Pac Man.

At first, you move forward in space, fighting off enemy ships. Like most bullet hell shooters, these … Read More

Stick Together – Alpha Demo

Stick Together

Stick Together is a silly QWOP-like platforming adventure in which you control each of your characters sticky limbs independently as they attempt climb increasingly complex obstacles.

Playable with one to four players on gamepads or mobile devices, you must guide your character across obstacles and hazards to the exit.  Each of the color coded arms are mapped to a controller face button, so you just … Read More

Towel Required! – Game Jam Build Download

Towel Required

Towel Required!, made for the Insanity Jam 04, is a humorous endless shooter where you fire towels at naked old men.

Lots of old men would like to get out of the gym shower room, but none of them have a towel. Unable to walk out of the shower naked, they look to you for a towel to cover their naked bodies up. It … Read More

We Shall Wake – Alpha Demo

We Shall Wake

We Shall Wake is an awesome third-person action game with a strong focus on hand-to-hand combat and extraordinary speed and power, in which you battle hordes of skilled AI enemies as well as the occasional boss battle.

We Shall Wake describes itself as the “next generation of action games” and that statement holds strong as it takes high-speed combat to a whole new level with … Read More

Omnibus – Alpha Demo


Omnibus is a chaotic driving game that puts you in control of unstoppable busses in a variety of bizarre scenarios – from guiding a giant firework through a field of pinball bumpers to skydiving through a skyscraper.

Featuring a charming Playstation 1 era graphical style and a wacky sense of humor, Omnibus is a fun game that revels in its chaos and destruction.  Your vehicle … Read More