CHKN – Alpha Download


CHKN is an awesome new sandbox game in which you can build an endless combination of bizarre creatures block-by-block, with unique personalities and emotions, then bond with them as you explore new lands.

Building life-forms in CHKN is surprisingly easy, much like Minecraft you just slot blocks together to form whatever creations you desire.  After you’ve built your ungodly abomination you then simply have to … Read More

Krycob – Game Jam Build Download


Krycob is the most stylish and fiendishly tough game of mini-golf you’ll ever play – with vibrant pulsing visuals and tricky course design that will test your precision putting to the limit.

Your aim is to make it through various checkpoints within a certain amount of shots without falling off.  The whole game can be completed in under five minutes IF you manage to stay … Read More

Beyond Perception – Game Jam Build Download


Beyond Perception is a very cool first person puzzler full of optical illusions and visual trickery, in which you explore mind bending artworks made up of solid blocks of color, with no shading.

As you explore the virtual museum of Beyond Perception, you can enter the artworks on display.  These artworks are beautiful super high contrast 3D spaces that require observation and spacial understanding … Read More

The Nullpoint – Prototype Download

The Nullpoint

The Nullpoint is a cool blend of real time strategy, survival horror, roguelike and Diablo-esque dungeon crawling set across procedurally generated levels in which you must guide your crew members to safety after being stranded in a mysterious alien structure.

It’s the year 2109 and humanity has discovered an abandoned alien structure floating in deep space on the edge of the solar system.  Unfortunately, … Read More

Joseph – Alpha Download


Joseph is a super tough pixel art platformer with a super catchy theme tune and the unique ability to materialise blocks in the air on-the-fly with a click of the mouse.

You play Joseph – a boy who lives in a volcano with his family (although it seems his Mother is the volcano).  One day the volcano gets angry and starts to erupt, forcing Joseph … Read More