Grandpa’s Game – Game Jam Build Download

Grandpas game

Grandpa’s Game is a very short game consisting of two powerfully emotional interactive scenes that really stick with you long after playing.

You are a child spending time with your grandpa.  You are two very different people from two very different eras so it can be hard to find things to talk about, but you have formed a connection over the game of Chess.

Strangely … Read More

DO YOU EVEN LIFT?! – Game Jam Build Download

Do You even lift

DO YOU EVEN LIFT?! is an addictive elevator-based arcade game in which you control an elevator and the doors on the elevator shaft as you try to evacuate employees, move mercenaries and squash monsters.

The Beareau of Science has been meddling with things best left alone and have accidentally created a Goopidemic, with swarms of monsters roaming the facility.  Your job is to evacuate the … Read More

Shepdoog – Prototype Download

sheepdog shootout

Shepdoog is a fun and very silly game in which time travelling Russian space dogs use their skills to keep sheep from getting killed in all manner of strange hazards – from landlines to black holes.

The Prototype consists of a fun mini game in which two players face off in an old fashioned shootout to see who is the quickest on the draw.  The … Read More

Cycho – Game Jam Build Download


Cycho, a local multiplayer made for the Duplicade Jam, is a fun twist on the classic Tron Lightcycle-style gameplay, with two opponents doing battle on a giant eyeball.

Two player can compete for survival, all while moving on a giant eye. One player is green, while the other is black. Portions of the eye are both green and black as well. As the players … Read More

The Barber Shop – Student Project Game

The Barber Shop

The Barber Shop is a fun game that utilizes the awesome power of the Unreal Engine to simulate beard trimming in a charming old timey barber shop in the 1930’s.

Using a set of clippers and some cut-throat razors, you must trim your customers beards into the style they desire – no matter how bizarre.  You start off with simple styles, but as you progress, your … Read More