POOL [of DOOM!] – Game Jam Build Download


POOL [of DOOM!] is a fun fusion of DOOM and pool that sees you attempting to pot pool balls in first person while they attempt to pot you!

In POOL your objective is to pot as many pool balls as possible before they eventually overwhelm you and bash you into one of the pockets. You roam around the table in first person armed with a … Read More

LUCAH – Pre-Alpha Demo


LUCAH is a very stylish and challenging nightmarish action RPG with beautiful minimalist visuals and tactical combat reminiscent of the Dark Souls series.

The current build os LUCAH focuses on the combat, pitting you against a increasingly deadly enemies in a series of kill rooms. After you kill a set amount of enemies you’ll get a choice of upgrading your health or your mana, or … Read More

Thick Air – Alpha Demo & Steam Early Access Key Giveaway


Thick Air is a very cool new non-violent sci-fi racing game in which players race through deserts, canyons, tunnels and cities with high tech drones capable of great speeds and agility.

Playable on standard screens, HTC Vive and Oculus Rift, Thick Air combines high quality Unreal Engine 4 powered visuals, realistic physics, brutal AI and an excellent soundtrack to create a high adrenaline aerial racing … Read More

Bloodshot – Student Project Download


Bloodshot is a short and terrifying black and white first person horror/FPS in which you battle creepy shadowy monsters while discovering the dark secrets locked away in a creepy old house.

In Bloodshot you explore a household where some very bad things have happened. You start off unarmed, but refreshingly for a first person horror adventure these days, you soon come across a handgun which … Read More

Tale of Omni – Alpha Demo


Tale of Omni is a very clever puzzle platformer that bends and breaks the rules of what a game should be able to do – by putting you into a broken game world where the game window is a manipulatable part of the game.

We first featured a version of Tale of Omni a year ago when it was just a game jam prototype, … Read More