Hyperspace Pinball – Beta Key Giveaway (Steam)

Hyperspace Pinball

Hyperspace Pinball is a great blend of classic pinball gameplay and arcade shoot-em-up action that sees you taking on waves of enemies and bosses on a variety of pinball tables.

As with pinball you hit the balls with the flappers and aim for a high score, but in Hyperspace Pinball you also have to contend with enemies, bonuses, mini-challenges, power-ups and bosses.  This adds another … Read More

CoinOp Story – Alpha Demo

CoinOP Story game

CoinOp Story is an amazing retro metroidvania (retroidvania?) from the genius that created There Is No Game, that sees you controlling sentient arcade cabinet in the dying world of Jamma, who must collect all the Jamma game cards from broken arcade cabinets and bring them to the ‘Castle of nostalgia’.

In the near future all the classic arcade cabinets of yesteryear have ended up … Read More

Disposable – Prototype Download


Disposable is a stylish platformer in which you play a small robot exploring a strange laboratory, using a very cool grapple/lash mechanic to get around and hacking terminals to open the exit door.

The terminals are scattered across the level in various hard to reach areas, luckily for you though your little robot is capable of some very nifty feats of agility.  As well as … Read More

SYSTOLE – Prototype Download

Systole game

SYSTOLE is a great looking puzzle platformer inspired by LimboPrince of Persia and Mega Man, in which you play a little robot with magnets for hands who has just awoken in a decaying post apocalyptic world.

There’s a large focus on magnetism in SYSTOLE with you able to use different magnetic polarities to grab or repel yourself from objects.  You have no … Read More

Slide, Crash, Bounce – Game Jam Build

Slide Crash Bounce

Slide, Crash, Bounce is a very silly driving game that’s comparable to driving a motorbike with no tyres across an ice rink full of banana skins.

After choosing between race mode or destruction mode and picking from a selection of vehicles – from forklift trucks to ice cream vans – you set out to wreak havoc on the city.  Destruction mode has you smashing into … Read More