POWER DRILL MASSACRE is an absolutely terrifying third person survival horror that draws inspiration from 80’s video nasty slasher flicks and PS1-era survival horror games to create a grimy, sinister, suspense-filled adventure that’s unlike anything you’ve ever experienced.

In POWER DRILL MASSACRE (it deserves every one of those capital letters) you take on the role of a woman who has just escaped a crash in … Read More

Birdsketball – Beta Download

birdsketball download

Birdsketball is an adorable little game for one to four players in which cute little birds face off on a variety of fun basketball courts.

The gameplay in Birdsketball is very easy to pick up and play – you simply flap your little bird around, attempting to grab the ball (or tackle it form an opponent), then throw or fly the ball into the goal. … Read More

Stuck in a Muddle with You – Game Jam Build Download

Stuck in the muddle with you game

Stuck in a Muddle with You, the narrative prequel to Til Cows Tear Us Apart made for the Mystic Western Jam, is a wonderfully written adventure that sees you stuck in a desert with your clingy girlfriend and a nagging manifestation of your conscience.

Louise and Nora have landed on a desert planet, far away from where they previously came from. This desert is … Read More

Tempo – Prototype Download


Tempo is a beautiful pixel art puzzle adventure inspired by Fez and Journey, in which your character has the ability to speed up the day/night cycles, and use the shadows cast by the sun to solve puzzles.

Created by André Rache, a student at PUC-RIO University, Tempo is a fabulous piece of game design. As in Journey, the game is played entirely without … Read More

Parachute Pete – Game Jam Build Download

Parachute Pete game

Parachute Pete is a very silly side scrolling flying game in which you drop paratroopers onto enemy planes to bring them down. Did we say onto the enemy planes? Actually it’s more like into enemy planes, or to be more specific – into the jet engines of the planes to clog them up!

In Parachute Pete you are tasked with taking down ten enemy planes … Read More