SvardBjorn – Game Jam Build Download


SvardBjorn, a pixel art, two button fighting game made for the Ludum Dare 34, has you playing a mighty viking, battling hordes of enemies in a fight to the death.

You are Svard Bjorn, a single mighty viking with many weapons who is facing a horde of enemies looking to take you down. Your backpack is full of swords, axes, shields, and spears, all … Read More

Colony 42 – Alpha Demo

Colony 42

Colony 42, a game being created by Verdict Studios LLC, is an extremely stylish first person survival horror game that grips you with its eerie atmosphere and beautifully designed bunker type complex.

Colony 42 instantly gets the player wondering “What the hell happened?” and “Where the hell am I” as your character comes to after the elevator you where inside collapse to the bottom … Read More

ooOooOOOo – Game Jam Build Download

ooOooOOOo game

ooOooOOOo is a fantastic puzzle game that breaks all the rules to create a unique experience in which players must learn to operate outside of their traditional gaming mindset and alter the game itself.

ooOooOOOo immediately impresses with it’s stylish low poly visuals and serene music, but as soon as you enter the first gate, an error message pops up and the game shuts down!  … Read More

Aggelos – Alpha Demo


Aggelos, a game being created by Story Bird and Wonderboy Bobi, is a gorgeous throwback to classic Action RPG games that focus on killing enemies, leveling up and saving the princess from the clutches of evil.

Your role as the protagonist in Aggelos is simple. Take your sword, stab some bad guys and save the Princess for the Evil Lord Vammer. To save the … Read More

Bro Fist Simulator – Game Jam Build

Bro Fist Simulator

Bro Fist Simulator is a silly one or two player QWOP-like in which you pull off different hand signs and bump fists with your bro – being careful not to lose your fingers!

Bro Fist Simulator does have a very simple and silly premise, but it can be surprisingly tricky to master.  You control the individual fingers with keys mapped to the keyboard (or a … Read More