Vardolind – Game Jam Build Download


Vardolind, a creepy low-rez horror game made for the Asylum Jam 2016, has you searching for you son in some creepy mines where you really can’t trust anything you see.

Recently, several people have disappeared from your town. Among these people is your son. There are rumors that a monster who is able to steal people’s appearances has taken the people and hidden in … Read More

Captured – Pre-Alpha Demo

Captured is a very tense first person horror adventure, in which you must escape from a series of SAW-esque test rooms while being pursued by a blind maniac called Damien.

It Captured you wake up in a dungeon that’s split into a series of test chambers and a ‘helpful’ voice talking to you over the intercom who explains your predicament. It appears you’ve been … Read More

Gears of Eden – Alpha Sign Up


Gears of Eden blends exploration, crafting and survival elements in an ambitious story driven sci-fi adventure that’s set long after humans have gone extinct and the sentient machines that they left behind have started searching for their maker.

In Gears of Eden the human race is long dead (rumors of it being due to a Trumpocalypse have neither been confirmed or denied) and are now … Read More

Legrand Legacy – Pre-Alpha Demo (Steam)


Legrand Legacy is a very impressive tactical turn based RPG adventure that blends 3D character models, beautiful hand drawn backgrounds and classic JRPG combat to create an experience that feels a lot like the Final Fantasy games of old.

In Legrand Legacy you start off as a slave who must fight to the death in gladiatorial combat for the entertainment of others. After a particularly … Read More