Spellrazor – Alpha Demo

spellrazor 2

Spellrazor is a unique dungeon crawling cyber-roguelike with 27 different fire buttons, odd little secrets, intentional glitches and challenging gameplay inspired by classics like Defender and Robotron.

The game takes place in a haunted arcade cabinet that’s rumoured to be created by Duncan Bower – the developer of the Polybius game that has now sunk into urban legend.  Duncan was said to be working … Read More

Dawn Of The Ronin – Alpha Demo

dawn of ronin

Dawn Of The Ronin is a very stylish and super violent 2D hack and slash action adventure that sees you controlling a Ronin in 16th century Japan, fighting alongside legendary Samurai warriors as you ficht against the Tokugawa regime.

It’s that beautiful silhouetted visual style of Dawn Of The Ronin that hits you first, with it’s gorgeous hand drawn environments providing the backdrops for intense … Read More

Tricone Lab – Beta Key Giveaway (Steam)

Tricone lab

Tricone Lab is a unique micro-organism based puzzler in which you must alter organisms cellular structures to allow you to access resources which can be combined to create a mysterious multicoloured substance called Tricone.

Set across 100 levels, this unique biological puzzler allows you to interact with and combine catalysts and compounds within a cell and alter cellular structure by forming and breaking cell walls.  … Read More

SmokeDown – Game Jam Build Download


SmokeDown is a fast, fun and super tough high-score chasing arcade action game in which you kill enemies by smashing the earth with a powerful ground-stomp, then throwing the resulting debris at them.

SmokeDown is a fairly simple score attack game at heart, with you attempting to kill as many enemies and survive as long as possible before your inevitable demise.  You can’t shoot but … Read More

Gringochet – Game Jam Build


Gringochet, a pixel art puzzler made for the Spaghetti Western Jam, has you bouncing your bullet all around the saloon as you try to kill cowboys and not shoot yourself!

Some unwelcome cowboys are looking to rob the saloon. You, with only one bullet, must take care of them – all of them.  Quite often, there are objects in your way such as tables, … Read More