Parapapa – GameJam Build


Parapapa, a charming game made for the Global Game Jam 15, has you guiding your brothers and sisters through a huge, scary trap-filled castle.

Being the older sibling, your brothers and sisters look up to you. In this time of fear and danger, you must guide them around a castle, collecting coins along the way. Your brother and sister both follow you all the … Read More

Break_In – Prototype Download


Break_In is a very cool base-building/FPS that plays a little like The Castle Doctrine, but in first person and with more guns – with you fortifying your safe house while breaking into other peoples houses and ‘relieving’ them of their cash.

You start out with a tiny shack of a safe house, a pistol and a good bit of cash.  You use this cash … Read More

Shoppy Mart – Alpha Download

Shoppy Mart

Shoppy Mart is a wonderful little game that puts you in one of the most thankless jobs imaginable – a checkout assistant at your local supermarket.

As far as simulations go, Shoppy Mart is pretty thorough, you individually scan each item, bag them, swap bags when they’re full, check the customers ID when buying alcohol, make small talk, take their payment and give them receipt.  … Read More

Drone GP 15 – Alpha Download

DroneGP 15

Drone GP 15 is a challenging and chaotic new game which brings the up and coming sport of drone racing to home computers.

Featuring realistic physics and advanced avionics, with all vehicles featuring a “flight controller” on board exactly as real life ones.  The realistically twitchy controls will take a bit of getting used to, and make for some wonderfully chaotic races, especially in multiplayer.  … Read More

Darkside Detective – Beta Demo

darkside detective

Darkside Detective is a 2D pixel art point and click adventure where you play as a ‘Darkside’ detective, who takes on mysterious, unnatural or supernatural cases, that no other will tackle.

You play Detective Francis McQueen, the only member of the criminally underfunded Darkside Division.  Your wise cracking Detective must investigate crime scenes and investigate bizarre cases that nobody else will.

Darkside Detective has a … Read More