Dirty Hands – Open Beta

dirty hands game

How far would you go to find out the truth? Dirty Hands puts you in the role of a CIA interrogator who must discover the location of a terrorist bomb at all costs.

You have a variety of interrogation methods available to to you as you decide how to tackle your suspects.  You can use their personal information to find clues and possible avenues of … Read More

A Good Gardener – Game Jam Build Download

the good gardener

A Good Gardener, a relaxing and intriguing game made for the Ludum Dare 32, has you planting mysterious plants during a war.

A war is going on in the world. You have become a prisoner who must spend their days in solitude, planting strange seeds for the war effort. You are not told what these plants do or why you are planting them. A … Read More

Games Of Glory – Open Alpha

Games of Glory

Games of Glory is a great looking new sci-fi MOBA with non-stop run-and-gun action, a Call of Duty-style perk system and a persistent Universe which is affected by the outcome of each battle.

Players work together, battling opponents via various game modes, utilising abilities, perks and a customisable arsenal to their advantage.  There are no lane phases or auto-attack in Games of Glory, making for … Read More

ScarKrow – Game Jam Build


ScarKrow is a stylish 2D action platformer where you play as a humanoid scarecrow, with an ability to lock on and teleport to an enemy, then slice them up.

Your goal is us your teleportation skills to reach a magic stone at the end of each level. It’s a fun and rather tricky game in which your enemies are less of an obstacle and more … Read More

Dungeon Delvers – Student Project Download


Dungeon Delvers is an inventive dungeon crawler, in which you program the AI for your band of heroes then send them out to kick ass and collect loot.

When exploring a dungeon you can’t control your heroes actions, just the direction they move in.  Instead, at the start of each level you ‘program’ your heroes to carry out actions under certain circumstances (eg.  ‘Attack Enemy … Read More