Zippy’s Adventure – Game Jam Build

zippys adventure

Zippy’s Adventure, a tough pixel art platformer made for the 4-hour game jam, challenges you to get through a mysterious neon castle, collecting ability upgrades and avoiding its many hazards.

This charming little game, is about Zippy – a cute little character with not many abilities. Zippy jumps around the neon castle, avoiding spikes and going into purple doors. As you find your way … Read More

Zombie Defence – Open Alpha

zombie defence

Zombie Defence is essentially an adorable 2D pixel art version of Call of Duty: Zombies, in which you fend of zombie attacks on your base against increasingly dire odds of survival.

You play as a lone soldier who must protect a renowned professor who is on the verge of discovering an antidote to cure the zombie outbreak. To do this you’ll have to run … Read More

Goldi – Game Jam Build


Goldi is a short and surprising first person adventure which puts you in the shoes of Goldilocks as she rifles through the Three Bears house.

As well as eating their porridge and sleeping in their beds, you can mess around with a wide range of other objects – such as playing their PS4, getting drunk on their wine and posting jokes on baby bears social … Read More

Out of Mind – Game Jam Build Download

Out of Mind

Out of Mind, a dread-filled dungeon crawler made for the Ludum Dare 32, in which you must traverse a dark asylum avoiding your own memories at all costs.

In this dark game, you play as a person in an asylum, looking for a way out. Memories, conjured up by your paranoia, chase you around this relatively confined levels. Memories lurk around any corner and … Read More

FragFest – Alpha Download


FragFest is a fun, fast paced vehicular combat game with fully destructible environments and the ability to control all manner of weaponised vehicles across land, air and sea.

FragFest plays a little like Twisted Metal, but from an isometric perspective, and a little easier to control and aim.  At your command you’ll have all manner of cool vehicles, including gunships, tanks, hovercraft, submarines and … Read More