Row Your Boat – Alpha Demo

row your boat

Row Your Boat is a deceptively tricky arcade game that challenges you to overcome its Flappy Bird-esque difficulty level to guide a kayak along a narrow river, collecting coins and dodging obstacles.

At first glance, Row Your Boat doesn’t present itself as a game that could drive you to tear out clumps of your hair in frustration.  Its bright, cheery cartoon graphics and pleasantly … Read More

Clumsy Moose Season – Beta Download

Clumsy Moose Season

Clumsy Moose Season is a great new build, share and play game that plays like a mix between Happy Wheels and Terraria, with you gathering resources and building all manner of fun levels for you and your friends to play on.

You play as a silly moose that doesn’t realise it’s moose season and lives on an island inhabited by a bunch of angry … Read More

GiAnt – Alpha Demo

GiAnt Game

GiAnt is a fun new first person platforming adventure that shows you the world from a new perspective – with you taking control of Adam the Ant as he avoids chickens, dogs and humans, navigates obstacles and searches the world for sweets to take back to his colony.

Seeing the world from an ants-eye-view is a very cool experience, as everyday objects loom over you … Read More