The Room – Game Jam Build Download

The Room

The Room is a truly terrifying low rez first-person horror game, in which you must navigate ten rooms, and use an Aliens-style motion detector to avoid invisible monster (well, invisible until it jumps out and scares the living daylights out of you anyway).

The motion detector scenes were always the most terrifying part of Aliens – thanks to the fact that you knew the … Read More

Hide The Body – Game Jam Build Download

Hide The Body

Hide the Body is a fun local multiplayer game in which one player chops up a dead body and hides all the body parts, then the second player searches the room to find them!

Anybody can dispose of a body with enough time (just ask Walter White), but unfortunately you don’t have much of it – with only one minute to chop up and hide … Read More

57204 – Prototype Download


57204 is essentially Snake Vs in a fast paced bullet hell arena in which you crush your enemies – literally, as you squeeze them to death with your tail!

Your character in 57024 is controlled entirely by the mouse, with its head following wherever your mouse cursor is pointing.  You defeat your enemies by encircling them with your long tail and crushing them out … Read More

Bicyclism: Art Of Riding – Prototype Download


Bicyclism: Art of Riding is a quirky little QWOP-like that turns the simple act of riding a bike into a wonderfully wobbly and wickedly tricky experience.

Your aim is to ride along randomly generated courses and collect as many coins as possible before you inevitably crash.  You use the J an L keys to pedal, and the A and D keys to steer your wobbly … Read More

Tick Tock Isle – Alpha Demo

Tick Tock Isle

Tick Tock Isle is a fun time-traveling pixel art adventure in which you attempt to repair an mysterious clock tower and deal with the islands dysfunctional family (who were responsible for the clocks state of disrepair in the first place.)

Created as a spiritual successor to Cat Poke, Tick Tock Isle is a puzzle platformer at heart, with fun little puzzles and action platforming … Read More