Rising Islands – Pre-Alpha Demo

Rising Islands

Rising Islands is a fun dimension-flipping third person platformer that plays like a blend of Sonic and Mirrors Edge, with you using your parkour skills to collect energy shards and speed-run through levels as fast as possible.

Set in a mystical land that has been torn apart and split into two dimensions, you control Hairo, a young adventurer who has the power to jump … Read More

Investigator & the Case of the Red Herring – Game Jam Build

Investigator and the Case of the Red Herring

Investigator and the Case of the Red Herring, a point and click mystery made for the Ludum Dare 33, has you trying to figure out who killed the Sunken Skunk!

In this charming game, you must investigate a Skunk who washed up on shore, dead. Your trusty Trauma Lama at your side, you must investigate the body as well as the environment. You will … Read More

Cloudbase Prime – Alpha Build Download

Cloudbase Prime

Cloudbase Prime is an excellent first person platformer/shooter that we first featured over a year ago, in which you control a mining robot with a genuinely funny AI companion and a nifty ability to rapidly shift ground tiles – propelling anything standing on-top (including you) of them way up into the air.

The latest Alpha build of Cloudbase Prime has just been released, and … Read More

A Crown Of My Own – Game Jam Build

A cRown Of My Own

A Crown Of My Own, a charming point and click made for the Ludum Dare 33, has you experimenting with different ingredients to craft a crown for your own monster kingdom!

You are a monster who has been thrown out of a castle. The king decided that monsters did not belong on his kingdom. You have decided to start your own monster loving kingdom … Read More

PICO PARK – Alpha Download


PICO PARK is a charming pixel art puzzle platformer that encourages co-operation on a large scale with up to 10 players playing together simultaneously to reach their goal.

Each level in PICO PARK is playable with 2 to 10 players, with the objectives changing dynamically dependant on how many players are playing (eg. The key will be higher in a 10 player game than a … Read More