The TakeOver – Prototype Download

The TakeOver

The TakeOver is a great new arcade brawler inspired by classics like Final Fight and Streets of Rage, that gives a snazzy modern lick of paint to some unashamedly retro, arcade beat-em up action.

The TakeOver very much feels like a HD version of Final Fight – even the current playable character main character is remarkably similar to Cody.  It’s a game that wears … Read More

A World With No Colour – Alpha Demo

A World With No Colour

A World With No Colour is a charming first person painting game in which you use a paint gun to color in a whole planet.

The current build features four different black and white areas for you to play around with.  You can color in pretty much everything you see – from submarines to penguins – just by aiming and firing your paint gun.  The … Read More

Only Footsteps – Game Jam Build Download

only footsteps

Only Footsteps, a short and stylish experience made for the CloneJam Kitty Horrorshow, has you wandering around a snowy expanse and exploring a mysterious cave.

Bright red signs guide your way along the barren snow land. You are able to find a strange cave. It looks man made, but no man has ever been to this area. Curious, you go inside to see what … Read More

Koji – Game Jam Build


Koji, a pixelated sidescroller made for the Indie Speed Run, has you learning to become a ninja, avenging the death of your sensei and making a deal with the devil.

Equipped with a katana, you learn how to fight like a ninja, with your sensei going through the moves and showing you the ropes. You are new to this – you haven’t really had … Read More

Operation Clarion – Student Project Download

operation clarion

Operation Clarion is a very stylish and atmospheric space adventure in which you play a lone astronaut sent on a rescue mission to find three lost pilots on a strange foreign planet.

At its heart Operation Clarion is a short platforming adventure game, in which you explore the planet looking for the pilots and trying to find a way off the planet (as your ship … Read More