Pick & Poke – Prototype Download

Pick & Poke is a violence-free tabletop styled roguelike game where you use tokens to deal with various situations that pop up while traversing a dungeon.

Created for the 7DRL Challenge, Pick & Poke is a roguelike that’s played using tokens. You have an assortment of different tokens (Health, Wisdom, Strength, Agility, Charisma, etc) and you use them to deal with different random events as … Read More

Abiotic Factor – Beta Demo

Abiotic Factor is a multiplayer survival horror crafting adventure with a sense of humor, set in a paranormal containment facility that’s had a containment failure.

Playable in single-player or with up to six players online, in Abiotic Factor you take on the role of a new recruit at an Australian paranormal containment facility. On your very first day the facility experiences a containment failure and … Read More

Frigato: Shadows of the Caribbean – Beta Sign Up

Frigato: Shadows of the Caribbean is a real-time stealth tactics game where you command a motley crew of pirates and search for treasure in the Caribbean.

In Frigato: Shadows of the Caribbean you find yourself in a race against the Royal Navy, with you both in search of the most valuable treasure in the Caribbean. You’ll use stealth and subterfuge as you take command of … Read More

Creep – Alpha Demo

Creep is a quirky puzzle platformer with psychological horror elements and Tinder dating, where your troubled inner thoughts are represented as a worm world where everybody is out to get you.

In Creep you enter the inner world of a man who is plagued with feelings of anxiety, loneliness and inadequacy. This inner world is represented as a 2D land filled with worms, most of … Read More

Kairos – Student Project Game

Kairos is a beautiful, intense and thought provoking psychological narrative adventure where you control a flicker of light in the mind of a young girl whose inner demon is twisting memories of a traumatic event and pushing her to the brink of suicide.

Ever seen an old Tom & Jerry cartoon or 90’s sitcom where an angel appears on one shoulder of a person and … Read More