Gold’n’Blood – Alpha Demo


Gold’n’Blood is a superb side scrolling blend of Metal Slug, Ghouls ‘n Ghosts and Castlevania in which you hack and slash your way through beautifully animated pixel art levels, battling enemies and collecting bucket loads of gold.

Gold’n’Blood impresses as soon as you clap eyes on it, with it’s beautifully crafted pixel art world that’s bursting with color and interesting enemies to slay. Your … Read More

Ten Terror Filled Treats For Halloween!


Looking for some terror-filled treats to play this halloween?  We’ve got you covered.  Here are ten of our favourite horror games we’ve featured over the last year.  Have a delightful and frightful halloween!

Play With Me – a terrifying first person horror in which you attempt to escape from a house that’s haunted by a very freaky clown ghost.

Letter To A Friend – a … Read More

AlterCore – Tech Demo


AlterCore is a ridiculously cool new Unreal Engine 4 powered cyberpunk hack and slash action game inspired by Devil May Cry and God of War that sees you playing a hyper evolved human who kicks copious amounts of ass on his way to uncover the secrets of a mysterious alien artefact.

The plot of AlterCore revolves around alien artefact which can evolve humans millennia at … Read More

Sanix the Edgehog Adventure 2DX – Alpha Demo


Sanix the Edgehog Adventure 2DX is a silly, but surprisingly competent fan made Sonic Adventure parody in which an adorable little blue hedgehog attempts to thwart Dr Robatinx’s nefarious plans.

Taking place over three distinct levels and culminating in a showdown against Dr Robatinx, Sanix the Edgehog impresses with its vibrant visuals, fun action platforming gameplay and tongue in cheek humor. Each level is themed … Read More

Snail Storm – Alpha Download

snail storm

Snail Storm is a ridiculously over the top side scrolling high score chasing shooter heavily influenced by the Tony Hawks Pro Skater series, in which you play a heavily armed snail that blasts enemies and pulls of sick moves with an aim of building up an epic multiplier and lots of lovely points.

Snail Storm could possibly do with turning the effects down a tiny … Read More