Fictions is an interesting expolration and stealth game that has been made as a Pre-Alpha build for the upcoming game, Somewhere and inspired by the book  “The Approach to Al-Mu’Tasim” by Luis Borges.

Fictions (and Somewhere) has a beautifully surreal visual style, set in a small barren dessert, with floating buildings, burried tellephones, lots of clocks and odd looking gangly characters.  It’s great fun … Read More


Bokida is one of the most experimental, playful and satisfying sandbox games you’ll ever play.  It offers a vast, beautifully stark and peculiar environment for you to explore, littered with strange black monoliths, temples and stunning scenery.

The main hook for Bokida though, is the build and destroy mechanics, allowing you to build massive structures, then cut through them at any angle, slicing off chunks … Read More