Iron Meat – Beta Demo

Iron Meat is a fantastic side scrolling retro action platformer that’s essentially the Contra sequel you’ve always wanted.

Previously featured on Alpha Beta Gamer back in 2019, Iron Meat is a Contra inspired action platformer set in a dark future where a ravenous meat organism has infested the world. It absorbs people and repurposes them, turning them into grotesque abominations of flesh and steel. … Read More

Iron Meat – Alpha Demo

Iron Meat is a stylish and challenging Contra inspired old school run n’ gun action platformer where your lone soldier blasts his way through an army made of flesh, bone and steel.

We featured an earlier build of Iron Meat on Alpha Beta Gamer back in January and found it to be a fun and an extremely challenging slice of old-school run n’ gun arcade … Read More

Iron Meat – Alpha Download

Iron Meat is a Contra style 2D run n’ gun arcade shooter, with lots of power-ups, challenging gameplay and big bosses to blast.

The current build of Iron Meat features two full levels – one traditional side-scrolling one set in a forest and one vertically scrolling one where you attempt to climb a tower. It follows all the traditional Contra rules – fast paced run … Read More