Drone Ikuze – Alpha Demo

Drone Ikuze

Drone Ikuze is a third person jet-fighting shooter with stylish low poly visuals and gameplay that focuses on simple arcade thrills and exciting aerial dog fights.

Your objective is to destroy a mother ship whilst engaging in aerial combat with the enemy fighters that are defending it.  What makes Drone Ikuze so enjoyable is its simplicity – it distills aerial dogfighting into pure adrenaline-fuelled arcade … Read More

Aerobat – Beta Download


Aerobat is a ridiculously high speed arcade shooter where you dodge incoming enemies and fly as close to the ground as possible to build up speed, then flip up into the sky to take out your enemies.   Boosting longer means more speed, which means more jump height, which means higher combo, which means way more points.

Your ship is controlled through with the mouse only, … Read More