Flame of Mirrors – Alpha Demo

Flame of mirrors game

Flame of Mirrors, a game being created by Alex Bor, is a freaky first person horror game that centers around mysterious fires, an abandoned theme park and a creepy House of Mirrors attraction.

You play as one of the several Fire Fighters, sent to a recently closed indoor amusement park, to investigate claims of a fire starting in the vicinity. Once you arrive at … Read More

The Final Take – Alpha Demo

The Final Take Game

The Final Take is an upcoming Horror/Survival game being made by Dark Day Interactive with a creepy 80’s VHS aesthetic, in which you explore an abandoned psychiatric ward.

In the Alpha has you play as two different protagonists, each one having their own story and puzzles to solve, as you work your way through what appears to be an abandoned psychiatric ward.  The Final Take … Read More

Dorbea – Prototype Download

dorbea 2

Dorbea, a game created by Patch Note Studios, is a creepy first person survival horror game that constantly have you screaming for more.

You wake up in a dimly light room, with no recollection of how you got to where you are and why you are there as well. You make your way to door situated behind you and notice a flash light on … Read More