When the Shutter Stops – Kickstarter Demo

When the Shutter Stops is a visual novel/point and click adventure hybrid that takes you through the story of Pri, a young kid and hard-nosed private investigator, who is trying to solve a very important murder.

Pri is a private detective – underage, not legally allowed to live on her own, and very talented. She normally does client work, digging up dirt on individuals and … Read More

1985 – Game Jam Build


1985, a Super Mario Bros inspired metroidvania platformer made for the Low Rez Jam, has you taking Mario on a new (and slightly warped) adventure!

In 1985 you play Mario, as he embarks on an adventure through a somewhat familiar land. This world is open for your exploration, giving you little guidance as to where to go. You must just explore and see … Read More

Parapapa – GameJam Build


Parapapa, a charming game made for the Global Game Jam 15, has you guiding your brothers and sisters through a huge, scary trap-filled castle.

Being the older sibling, your brothers and sisters look up to you. In this time of fear and danger, you must guide them around a castle, collecting coins along the way. Your brother and sister both follow you all the … Read More

You Fell Into a Pit – Game Jam Build


You Fell Into a Pit, a Random World Jam game, has you decked out in the most charming ghost costume ever, in a deep dark pit.

One day, while walking around, you fell into a deep pit. You were dressed like a ghost, so perhaps you figured you would float over the huge hole. This did not work out for you and now you … Read More

For the Homeland! – GameJam Build

For the homeland!

Become a dictator, making decisions for the whole country, in the Ludum Dare 31 game For the Homeland!

This game puts the player in the position of a dictator who needs to make sure the social classes in his country are happy. This ruler has many, many jobs. He must see to the crimes of his country; murder, exploitation, scams and make decisions as to … Read More