Karlson – Alpha Download

Karlson is a wonderfully chaotic physics based parkour first person shooter where you use wall-runs, grapple guns and explosions to propel you through the levels.

Essentially a 3D remake of the 2D version of Karlson (from the same dev, Dani) which we featured Last week, Karlson’s jump to the third dimension allows for much more physics based chaos and parkour platformer fun. Levels generally … Read More

Karlson – Game Jam Build Download

Karlson is a delightfully silly and brutal 2D physics based shooter with ragdoll physics, dismemberment and Super Hot-style slow mo.

Created for the Mix and Game Jam 2019 by developer Dani, Karlson is a short and action packed little 2D physics based shooter that effectively allows you to become John Wick for ten minutes. In the game you control Karlson as he runs, slides, … Read More