Wincars Racer – Closed Beta Key Giveaway

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Wincars Racer is an online, multiplayer kart-racing game that draws its inspiration from old-school, arcade games. With tons of vehicles, drivers, and alternate skins to choose from, Wincars Racer provides enough customization to satisfy even the pickiest of players.

As we previous covered on Alpha Beta Gamer, Wincars Racer began its Closed Beta test on November 18th. A week into the Closed Beta, there … Read More

Wincars Racer – Beta Sign Up

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Wincars Racer is a fast-paced multiplayer online racing game that seamlessly blends the fun of old-school arcade racing with modern-day game design standards.

Wincars Racer supports some intense customization with four car series to choose from: the Gran Turismo series (best handling), the Formula Auto series (highest speed), the Off Road series (heavy weight), and the Sport Class series (balanced). When it comes to player … Read More