Kitten Super Adventure – Alpha Demo

Kitten Super Adventure

Kitten Super Adventure is a fantastic looking Spyro the Dragon inspired action platformer in which you take your fully customisable kitten on an epic worldwide adventure in a quest to recover your catnip.

We first featured an early Alpha build of Kitten Super Adventure on Alpha Beta Gamer just over a year ago, and found it to be absolutely adorable. That Alpha build has unfortunately … Read More

Kitten Super Adventure – Alpha Download

kitten super adventure

Kitten Super Adventure is a fun game that puts you in control of an adorable little kitten, allowing you to run, jump, frolic and have lots of kitteny fun.

The current build is pretty basic (but very pretty), allowing you to play with a ball of yarn and bounce around on mushrooms in an enchanted forrest.  It does impress though, with beautiful visuals, great animation … Read More