Lamentum – Alpha Demo

Lamentum is a 19th century Lovecraftian pixel art survival horror game where you enter a mansion full of dark secrets and grotesque abominations, with hopes of finding a cure for your dying wife.

Drawing inspiration from Resident Evil, Silent Hill and the Cthulhu mythos, Lamentum follows the story of a young 19th century aristocrat who is desperate to find a cure for his dying … Read More

Lamentum – Kickstarter Demo

Lamentum is a creepy Lovecraftian pixel art survival horror adventure that sees an 18th century aristocrat descending into madness as he attempts to find the cure to a rare disease.

Drawing inspiration from Lovecraftian lore, Alone in the Dark, Silent Hill and Resident Evil, Lamentum sees you searching an 18th century mansion with the hope of figuring out how to perform a long forgotten … Read More