Where They Once Were – GameJam Build Download

Where They Once Were

Where They Once Were, a stunning Ludum Dare 31 game, puts you in the position of a woman who has found a strange and abandoned cottage while trying to escape some pursuers.

You must now survive in this strangely empty cabin. This cabin is locked, but a key is hanging right by the door, so it seems as if anyone can just go right … Read More

90 Second Portraits – GameJam Build Download

90 second portraits

90 Second Portraits, a game made for the Ludum Dare 31, will have you speed painting (badly) in no time.

Time is money, as it is said. In this game, it could not be more true. The player, a starving artist so to speak, is looking to make some money on the streets by painting customers portraits. The customer can also pick a background to … Read More