Frank & Stein – Game Jam Build Download

Frank and Stein

Frank & Stein, a game created by Vegapomme27 for Ludum Dare 34, is a pixel art two button side scroller full of grotesque creations, dark humour and pixel violence.

You take control of Frank & Stein, two people that have been mashed together in an experiment gone horribly wrong. Joined by a single organ they must venture through a run down science facility … Read More

Infinite Monkey Autocorrect – Game Jam Build Download

Infinite Monkey autocorrect

Infinite Monkey Autocorrect is a totally ridiculous experimental game built in 72 hours for Ludum Dare 34 and #clonejamnathalie, the latest game jam in Game Jolt’s ongoing series featuring the work of prominent freeware developers. As such, the game draws its inspiration from the quirky and award-winning Nathalie Lawhead.

Infinite Monkey Autocorrect is based on the theorem that given a sufficient amount of time, a … Read More