Star Traveller – Game Jam Build

Star Traveller Game

Star Traveller, an adorable little point and click adventure made for the Ludum Dare 38, has you trying to figure out how to unlock artefacts in nearby solar systems to help a little alien find a new home.

You start off Star Traveller with a single planet and a small alien. This alien is peaceful and is just searching for a new home as … Read More

To Do List – Game Jam Build Download

To Do List Game Download

To Do List, a mysterious point and click adventure made for the Ludum Dare 38, has you surviving each and every day alone on an island – that is until you start to realize that not everything is okay. In-fact things are far from okay on this cheerful little island.

In To Do List, you wake up with a list of things that … Read More

Petty Puny Planet – Game Jam Build Download

Petty Puny Planet Game

Petty Puny Planet, a super silly God simulator made for the Ludum Dare 38, has you attempting to manage a small planet by deciding what happened to it every one hundred years – with you able to do anything from holding a festival to making Anime real!

You are a god who has created a lovely little pet planet and now it’s time to … Read More

Small World – Game Jam Build Download

Small World Game Download

Small World, a super stylish isometric platform puzzler made for the Ludum Dare 38, has you using a grappling hook and a spade to alter the layout of levels to allow you to reach the exit.

In Small World, your aim is to explore the environment around you, collect red shards and making it to a red portal. This portal is quite easy … Read More

SMALLTREK – Game Jam Build Download

SmallTrek Game Download

SMALLTREK, an addictive space themed puzzle game made for the Ludum Dare 38, sees you travelling the galaxy and arranging the species to help each planet find peace!

In SMALLTREK you are the captain of a spaceship whose job is to relieve tensions in planets in the various quadrants around you. You can look out for distress signals pinging out from different planets before … Read More