Engolasters – Game Jam Build Download

Engolasters Game Download

Engolasters, a short and strange point and click adventure made for the Ludum Dare 39, has you discovering aliens while trying to fix issues with your family at home.

You have been trying to discover alien life for as long as have you can remember. You even moved from the beautiful city of Barcelona to this cold, deserted place of Engolasters in search of … Read More

Murder on 39th Street – Game Jam Build

Murder on 39th Street the Game

Murder on 39th Street is a unique murder mystery made for the Ludum Dare 39, that progresses time in the game world as the physical Laptop or mobile device you play it on runs out of power.

Murder on 39th Street is meant to be experienced on a device that has a limited battery charge. Ideally you should start the game on 100%, fully charged … Read More

Overcharged – Game Jam Build

Overcharged Game

Overcharged, a short but stylish little action game made for the Ludum Dare 39, has you deciding if you are going to use your overcharged battery power for good or for evil!

You are a humble robot who has been charged up with far too much energy. Now you’re a danger to anyone who comes near you and will even siphon more power from … Read More

Ministry of Synthesis – Game Jam Build Download

Ministry of Synthesis Game Download

Ministry of Synthesis is a very tricky puzzle platformer made for the Ludum Dare 39, that has you manipulating oscillating power waves to unlock doors!

In Ministry of Synthesis you are exploring the inside of an ancient reactor that has been shut down due to a meltdown. All of the systems are now backup, but only for an hour. You must navigate your way through … Read More