Your God Demands… – Game Jam Build

Your God Demands… is a challenging single screen platformer where you need to make sure you sacrifice the correct monsters to your all-powerful chicken god!

In Your God Demands… you run around a dungeon, trying to keep your chicken god happy by throwing specific monsters into the fire pit in the middle of the screen. The single-screen arcade gameplay is inspired by Super Crate BoxRead More

Rabbit/Wolf – Game Jam Build

Rabbit/Wolf sees you trying to save a town from waves of monsters, but you may have to sacrifice some of them to earn the powers you need to save the rest.

Loads of monsters have invaded a small town, so the citizens have moved into a cave to hide. At the start of the day, you are in the cave with the rest of the … Read More

Deadline of the Dead – Game Jam Build

Work doesn’t rest – not even during the apocalypse. In Deadline of the Dead, you must finish of your final 20 work related tasks before the deadline, all while filling up on coffee, using the toilet and fighting off hordes of your old zombie coworkers.

Despite the world ending, you still have an important deadline coming up and a lot of tasks to complete. … Read More

Rogues Like Beer – Game Jam Build

As it turns out, rogues really do like beer. In the puzzle platformer, Rogues Like Beer, you are going to need to sacrifice yourself (and a few of your friends) so that your band of rogues can get to the beer deep within a tavern basement.

The tavern you and your rogue friends tend to frequent is completely out of beer. Normally the owner … Read More

Documentia – Game Jam Build

Documentia is a clever little Doki Doki Literature Club-esque puzzle adventure where your presence in its idyllic world has a detrimental effect on it, with you having to delete its game files to stop it from running out of memory.

The characters that live in Documentia‘s world are all happy and welcoming to you as you drop into their space – they’re even … Read More