Drytown – Game Jam Build

Drytown is a quirky little puzzle adventure that takes you into an old vampire-infested town, where human’s haven’t roamed for a long time.

After falling off of the train, you find yourself in a strange town full of vampires. Luckily for you they’re reasonably friendly though and they ask before they take your blood, which can work as a currency within the town. You only … Read More

Seize The Clay – Game jam Build

Seize The Clay is a chilled out little pottery crafting simulator where you sculpt, paint, bake and sell handcrafted pottery to pay the bills.

In Seize The Clay you run your own little pottery crafting studio where you make and sell pottery for the general public. To craft your pottery you must select a design, select a type of clay then take it to the … Read More

Atherspirit – Game Jam Build

Atherspirit, a clever little platformer made for the Ludum Dare 43, has you killing yourself so that your soul can enter other bodies and use their unique skills.

You are a little ghost – one without a body or purpose in this world. That is, until you start possessing the bodies of other creatures. One creature, of course, doesn’t have all of the skill … Read More

TAMUTU – Game Jam Build

TAMUTU is a tricky little boss rush twin-stick shooter where you can choose to either sacrifice your innocence or your time as you attempt to beat four challenging bosses.

You start TAMUTU in a cheerful looking cartoon world throwing berries at a large cartoon duck. However, once you beat the duck you are given a choice that will affect how the rest of the game … Read More

Overflow – Game Jam Build

Overflow, an adorable yet challenging pixel art platformer made for the Ludum Dare 42, sees you playing as various lab creatures with unique abilities as they climb up through a lab that’s filling with deadly green goo.

You are trapped inside some sort of laboratory that is quickly filling up with green goo! This goo is poisonous to your kind and touching it will … Read More