Devil Cult Party – Game Jam Build

The best type of party is one thrown in a clearly abandoned house. It’s even better in Devil Cult Party, when the party is really just a way to attract new cult members to your cult.

In Devil Cult Party, you compete for cult members who will fight for you and be sacrificed to your god, through hosting one large party in your … Read More

Sacrificial Wool – Game Jam Build

Sacrificial Wool is an inventive little puzzle adventure where you fiddle with the game’s settings to help overcome hazards and sacrifice a sheep.

In Sacrificial Wool you literally attempt to guide a lamb to the slaughter and the settings menu plays an integral part in it. In each screen there is an obstruction or hazard that your little sheep can’t pass, but fiddling around with … Read More

It’s Under Control – Game Jam Build

Often, life is a balancing act of trying to fill your plate with everything you need and want to do. In It’s Under Control, live is literally a balancing act as you try to fit everything you want to do on a finely balanced platform and keep it balanced enough to last a month.

In It’s Under Control you are looking to balance your … Read More

Night’s End – Game Jam build

Night’s End is a beautifully animated narrative driven arcade shooter where you attempt to protect an innocent child from hordes of monsters, but you must also drain its energy to give you power.

In Night’s End you control a witch who has been left to take care of a special child after its parents were killed. Now the monstrous hordes are coming for the child … Read More

Brownie Cove Cancelled – Game Jam Build

Brownie Cove Cancelled, a bizarre little oddity created for Ludum Dare 43, sees you milling about a strange airport while you wait for your flight to Brownie Cove, which gets massively delayed.

You are at a somewhat busy airport. There isn’t much to do while waiting for your fight, apart from exploring around and seeing what other people have to say. Everyone around you … Read More