Loot Box Simulator – Beta Download

Loot Box Simulator is a surprisingly well fleshed out satirical loot box simulator that sees you opening hundreds of loot boxes in your quest to save Todd the Samurai from the evil Robert Nevin Gatchavarious.

Interestingly, while most mainstream game companies these days are keen to build loot boxes into their games, Loot Box Simulator builds a game into loot boxes. You start the game … Read More

Loot Box Simulator – Game Jam Build Download

Loot Box Simulator is the true future of gaming – an evolution of EA’s ‘innovative’ game design that removes all the unnecessary garbage like gameplay and narrative, instead focusing on what’s really important – grinding, spending cash and opening loot boxes to level up your stats!

Loot Box Simulator plays like a 3D physics based incremental clicker. You start with one loot box which you … Read More