Lorn’s Lure – Beta Demo

Lorn’s Lure is a fantastic speedrunning free-climbing Sci-Fi adventure where an android searches for a strange anomaly in a vast megastructure that it’s been trapped in for hundreds of years.

Previously featured on Alpha Beta Gamer last year, Lorn’s Lure is a first person parkour and freeclimbing adventure set within a massive megastructure. You take on the role of an android who lived outside of … Read More

Lorn’s Lure – Alpha Demo

Lorn’s Lure is an atmospheric vertigo-inducing first person platforming adventure where an android free-climbs through a vast mega-structure, following a mysterious glitch in its visual system.

Created by Rubeki (creator of Due and Kill the K.O.T.H.), in Lorn’s Lure you take on the role of an android who leaves his colony and follows a mysterious glitch which leads him to a vast gigantic mega-structure … Read More